Learn everything about ear infections in children

 Generally, it is not clear in the case of children what they are feeling and especially when they are sick it gets impossible to identify the source cause. Parents have to be more careful in order tounderst and whether their baby is sick or not by identifying some symptoms. You will need to be aware as a parent because babies and little toddlers can never clearly express their problems. Then, it becomes our duty to understand what their pain and feelings. It’s high time that you as a new parent learn the symptoms to underst and what your baby is really going through at that moment. When it comes to ear infections and other kind of problems of the nose and throat as well, it is better if the parents learn the symptoms first and, then act accordingly.

ear infections in children

How to identify ear infections?

By observing your baby carefully, you will get to know about your baby’s need and problems. Check whether your baby is vomiting or not. Apart from stomach problems, ear infections can also cause vomiting. When you see any whitish or yellowish fluid coming out from your child’s ear, then you can be sure that there is something wrong with your child’s ear. When you notice this condition, then take your baby to any pediatric ENT specialist Mumbai as soon as possible. Also, notice whether this fluid is foul smelling or not. Then, you can be sure that some severe infection has occurred inside the ear.

When your baby gets irritated while lying down, then check his/her ear at first. As sometimes ear infections can cause pain when your baby is lying down or sleeping. Also, when your baby’s era will be paining, he/she will start crying very much. This change in behavior is another symptom of ear problems.

Another serious condition is when your baby starts ignoring to familiar sounds even when it is occurring near him. This can be very serious so when you notice this kind of situation, then try to take your baby to the doctor immediately

How to prevent ear infections in children?

It is necessary that you know certain ways to prevent infections before it sets in. It is necessary that you always see a best child specialist in Mumbai when any kind of infection occurs. However, learn these important ways to prevent it so that you can save your baby from pain.

ü  Always breastfeed your baby until six months of his/her age. It helps in preventing any kind of disease or disorders.

ü  Keep your baby away from cold.

ü  Don’t let runny nose or dry cough leads to ear infections.

ü  Do not ever smoke in front of your child. The particles from tobacco smoke can very much harm your baby’s inner ear and can lead to infections. It is better if you avoid smoking at all in front of your kid.

ü  Give your baby healthy fruits and vegetables every day, especially seasonal fruits and veggies can prevent common cold or any other air-borne disease.

If you follow these steps regularly, then you might help in preventing your baby from getting sick.  

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